We are always in search for ambitious young chefs or “chefs in making” who would like to join our team for 6 months in the summer and learn how to make  good traditional italian dishes, with emphasis on home made pasta, off course 🙂




OPENING 30/3 friday

10-21 everyday, all day

Misc info

All our pasta is made hand made from "grano duro" flour. We use only 28 month Parmigiano Reggiano from Italy and it is grated by hand!
Fancy a memorable day-trip to neighbouring islands? If you own a valid boat licence you can rent a 5m speedboat from Bora Bar that is conveniently anchored in front of the restaurant.
A private dolphin watching tour can be arranged.
Rovenska Bay Pier is accessible to all boats (it can fit 10 boats and has moorings). A fee is payable to the port authority only and you are not obliged to take water or electricity from anyone.

for resrvations after 21:00 please call 051.867.544