B ora Bar Trattoria & Tartuferia is situated a few meters from the sea in the serene Rovenska Bay, some say, it’s the most beautiful bay on the island. With a fantastic view of the Adriatic sea and Velebit Mountain, Bora Bar is a vacation for all senses and soul(s).

Colorful wooden tables make for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.  Few years ago artist Klarxy  ( made a sea themed mural which is really cool! We are not your classical “black and white” restaurant.

Friendly team makes you feel welcome and the kids-friendly attitude adds value for the families. Dogs are welcome on our terrace, as well!

2023. will be the 18th season of our show and we can not wait to see what  upcoming episodes will bring! A bit tired of all global problems , especially staff shortage, this year we are opening doors to asian staff and non Croatian speaking staff, so please give them your support and reinsurance.

Thankful for all the customers, great  staff and friends for coming and recommending us. We do our best to make your visit worthwile.

Chef Sasso is from Pisa, Italy but many years lived in US and by accident discovered island Susak where he fell in love with Croatia and …. ask him to tell you the story , it is quite fun!

The menu he had perfected  in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he owned “La Tartuferia”, a successful restaurant, which served dishes using fresh truffles and truffle products. Being a truffle freak he continues to provide some of the most delectable dishes on the island. During the winter he was a frequent “guest chef” in some of the best-known restaurants in Zagreb. He was also a guest chef /judgeon the popular reality show Master Chef in Croatia.