Bora Bar Trattoria & Tartuferia
Rovenska 3
Veli Lošinj


Tel: + 385.051.867.544
Mob: + 385.098.409.743 (Maja)
Mob: + 385.098.938.9549 (Sasso)


From Veli Lošinj town: walk along the promenade (pass the church and the lighthouse) towards Rovenska (about a 10 min walk). In Rovenska, Bora Bar is the restaurant in the middle.

If you parked on the upper parking lot: walk up the stairs from the parking and you will see the sign on your left towards Rovneska. Walk down the path, keep to the left but do not make a left turn. That main path will take you towards Rovenska and Bora Bar is the restaurant in the middle (about a 10 min walk).

By boat: Rovenska Bay and pier is accessible to all boats (it can fit 10 boats and has moorings). A fee is payable to the port authority only and you are not obliged to take water or electricity from anyone.

walk to Rovenska cca 10 min


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