Chef Sasso perfected his menu in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he owned “La Tartuferia”, a successful restaurant, which served dishes using fresh truffles and truffle products. He is a truffle aficionado and with passion, continues to provide some of the most delectable dishes on the island. During the winter he is a frequent “guest chef” in some of the best-known restaurants in Zagreb. He was also a judge chef on the popular reality show Master Chef in Croatia.

    Island’s native who returned to island after 10 years living in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Met Sasso on island Susak and after traveled around few continents found pristine bay of Rovenska and took over Bora Bar trattoria. Managing since 2006. Tries to keep up with all trends, problems and situations this line of works brings... and still loving it.
  • Kaja

    Cook, preparation master, storage organizer, cleaner, etc. she holds all 4 corners of the kitchen and helps with cooking. Most of the fresh pasta is made by her (based on strict directions from chef Sasso). Bora Bar can not do without her!

    Matija is our super hero in the kitchen.... hard hard working, attention to detail, calm and funny personality... without him Bora Bar would not function... he is with us since 2013!